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Heyy!! PixelBit is a network of servers with LOADS of things to do! We have everything from PVP Arena, Creative Plots, to our own Survivalgames with a TON of custom kits! We also have a full Survival roleplaying world with a huge capital city in the middle of it! inside the capital you will find our shops for trading and selling the items you use in the survival world! We have a AutoPromoting system for people who want to become helpers, builders or staff. or just to earn more permissions by simply playing So there's no point of asking for rank since you will get awarded with it automaticly by playing and doing some smaller quests which you can find out more about in the bitguide or in the messages popping up in the chat! The rules are pretty basic: No Cheating / Glitching / Exploiting. We do have anticheat plugins for both of our servers so cheaters will be kept away! We are very open for suggestions about plugins and things we can do to make the gameplay better. We welcome you all with open arms to come and make our server in to a huge community! Best regards OWNER / N__R__G
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