Terms of Service

By using this website, you agree to the terms between the website, as stated by the company "Minecraft Server List.net". These terms may change at any time without specific

All votes which are obtained must be organic. The use of bots or robots will result in your server being sanctioned. You may not purchase votes, or incorrectly redirect users to
other sites to vote for them.

Server Registration
You may only register a server which you have explicit permission to do so for. By registering, you accept that the website will collect information on your server. You may not use
this website as a platform to distribute pornographic, hateful, discriminatory or political propaganda.

Sponsored Slots
By placing a bid in an auction, you agree to pay the fees where required within the alloted time frame. Not doing so will result in your server and account being removed. There is
no guaranteed traffic to your server. We reserve the right to change and modify sponsored servers.